Saturday, August 30, 2014

The beginnings of our new adventure

Today we take our suitcases and random boxed stuff into the townhouse I rented in Ottawa. A desireable location (most neighbourhoods claim this) for urban family dwellers; a few blocks from the canal, a few blocks from the Ottawa River, and most significant, a few blocks from a really delicious cafeteria style vegetarian restaurant. I had dreams of us skating on the canal all winter long and now we will be close enough to realize this.

For the past few months, after I sold our house in Syracuse and moved my family back to my home country, the great white north, and living out of suitcases for the duration of the summer, we are finally settling into our new city. Kids start school on Tuesday and I managed to find a place (and make a decision, most difficult) on where to live. AND get them registered just in time. phew!

I still have to find a job to pay for this place and other essentials, and hopefully that will happen too! In the mean time I'm going to see how I feel about blogging. Perhaps I have a story I want to tell, perhaps not.

I am doing an interesting, long overdue project for my parents right now though, which may be of interest...

Yep, an original Henry Miller Eames Chair, rosewood veneer and other mid century modern goodies. Isn't the insulation filled wall a good back drop? I think so, kind of an industrial-abandoned look going on here.

Those sling back chairs in the background, oh so comfortable, even after 40 years and 4 working rubber bands to hold up the seat! 20 years of heavy use starting back in the 70's when my mom and dad were moving from basement apartment to town house to single house where they hired an interior designer to hand pick furniture for their all white rugged kid free living room.

More later on this project, hope all is well with you out there.

Another 100 year old house renovation

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