Friday, October 7, 2011

Same day delivery

Gotta love that!

And the first few buckets poured:

And a whole lot more to haul - this is what 3 cubic yards looks like:

 The pea gravel is dumped in the driveway because of these steps. Yep, no direct entry to the patio area.

While I was waiting for the delivery I came across this pea gravel patio inspiration. I like the use of other rocks making a pattern and sectioning off groups of pea gravel.

So, I have a pile of pea gravel, a sweet, new idea and Thanksgiving dinner to drive to in Canada this weekend.


  1. I love the patterns in your inspiration photo! This is such a huge project...can't wait to see how it looks next summer.

  2. hahaha next summer! I was hoping for next week. hmmmm maybe you are more realistic then me.


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