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Dear dear.

Once upon a time I bought a house and shortly there after, started to tear it down.  5 months later little L joined us.  Being awake all different hours, yet glued to the home, I needed a creative outlet. I started this blog to report on my house improvements....

...but house improvements are slow. So I started to post pictures of my kids. And links to things I like. And since we travel a bit, I wrote a few of those kind of posts too. So the house renovation blog became a mish mash of stuff. 

That was almost two years ago.

I prefer to post pictures of my kids. And home. And dog. And flowers and nature. But thats not entirely fair to them, since they have no control of that. So I'll keep this picture of me up.

And this one.
Madrid, 11/07

And this one.
Old house - 06-08

I have a lovely son. He is at the self-conscious age of not wanting his picture posted. So I'll post last summers picture (now a few summers ago).
South Hampton Beach, N.H 8/10

I have a daughter. She is not self-conscious. Yet. She makes frequent appearances in this blog.
5 weeks
2.6 years

And even though the renovations take forever, I ought to link up to some of them here:  (Ill come  back and make it more pretty) bathroom Dec 09 - July 2010; kitchen 2/2011 and onwards

baby kitten is the box. Baby L in my tummy.
We carried the box around for 4 weeks.
Baby L was carried around for 5 more mths, inside, at least

New House 9/23/09

New House 9/23/09

We like to travel. It was quite easy with one child.
London, 8/05

#2 has slowed me down, but we take mini trips.

Vancouver Island 2/11

I like overgrown gardens, but not so over grown they kill off my green beans. I like both flowers and vegetables. Will try again this summer, but maybe separate the veggies from the flowers. We grew tomatoes in a topsy turvy thing and in a pot. The pot tomatoes were successful.

My back yard 8/10

We have some animals; 3 cats and 1 dog.  2 cats, a dog, a fish and a hamster. The dog likes to party. There are too many cats. One is sick died and the other two are young. My son found a 2week abandon kitten on our front lawn the day after I bought the home. Just what I needed.

coco learns to eat

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