Friday, March 15, 2013

A painting diatribe

Well not really. Im not going to raise my voice or get too passionate about it. But do you rinse your paint brushes between coats?

I always do. I have a fear of the paint drying and hardening on the bristles and I don't want to toss a favourite brush.  I'm not sure of the time allowed for a brush to sit and become unuseable. I may return to painting quickly or I may get side tracked and start another project. Sometimes I'm washing the brush and then return to paint 30 minutes later. Its a drag though, because water invariably drips down the wall.

Speaking of sidetracked, I got sidetracked testing paint samples. I bought three+ samples for the bathroom, 4 different whites for somewhere and a couple of tinted shades of white for anything else. A gallon for my bedroom. What I really needed to do was finish that one portion in the kitchen. Can't put up the shelves until I paint. So I gave my self an ultimatum.

I took a day for the task. I took the time to set up. Found some music. Gathered my tools and stool. Spent a few minutes taping the counters. Don't want splatters on the soapstone (learned that from the primer stage). Laid down the old towel and green airplane blanket. And then I end up painting the unprepped side. That is how my brain works.

I don't need to paint this close to my sink or counter as eventually a back splash will be mounted, but just in case that's a year later, I took no chances and went to the bottom.

My favoured painting tools. A few small brushes. The free wooden sticks that come with paint and metal can opener. I bought too many can openers' over the years before giving this small but very effective tool the respect it deserves. A stool and airplane blanket. Where's the roller you ask? I don't like to use them. I don't like the little micro clumps&dimples of paint pattern that it leaves on the wall. And although efficient, its often unruly and hits the next wall over or the ceiling or....   Small brushes for me.  My first all time favourite was an ACE brand, 2".  Eventually it died. I must have left it in a bucket of shallac.

Then I bought that stunted handle brush. ITs OK. My fingers cramp up so I don't love it. But that's the only angled brush I have right now and its working well for cutting in. And painting everything in between.

The little one has become my favourite.  Maybe a 1" brush. Found in a paint tray and roller kit.  Its not angled and its great for cutting in. Im learning the finer points of applying pressure and maneuvering the bristles. Sometimes cheapest simplest is the best.

And the widest one was great for the chalkboard door.  But a little on the heavy side.

A lot of painting going on around here.  Perhaps I'll make a meme and call it Month of Painting. Kitchen almost completed. Chalkboard sliding door done. Trim, frames and baseboard touch ups all around. Test painting in dining room and stairway. Next up bedroom.

The key to painting and liking it is figuring out the tools that work great for you.  I say this with experience now. ;). Its all in the timing and brush. All the painting I have done recently has been with brushes and I think hope the strokes are therapeutic and healing for my injured shoulder. Reminds me of Karate Kid 1.

Since the counters were semi emptied, I decided to oil them. The oil on soapstone is mostly to enrich the colour over time. It doesn't protect it from scratches and knicks, but it does look shiny and pretty. Until the cat walks across it.

And since pictures of a painted white wall are not all that exciting ... how about the knitted wash cloth. Owls, so last year, except I bought it several years ago in a little craft market! Knitted by a Nova Scotian blind, 80 year old woman. Now that's inspiring.

Music listened too while painting: 2 rounds Bebel Gilberto and 2 rounds of Tom Waits, The Early Years and the kitchen painting is done.

Do you listen to music when you paint or do you enjoy hearing the strokes of a brush? Do you wash your brushes in between coats?


  1. Yo. Simple trick: if you want to stop painting for a bit, or if you're done a first coat and you want to do the second one in another 8 hours, just wrap your paint-saturated brush tightly in plastic wrap (or even an old shopping bag) and you can keep it this way up to a day without needing to wash it out.

  2. painting is one of my least favorite activities i think. i hate all the prep work and cleanup! but...its worth it i guess :)

  3. Nice tips sara , thank you for sharing , very good blog , regard - adi


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