Thursday, March 14, 2013

Yellow blanket

A little double stitch here, and a treble stitch there. An half hour sit-com and I've completed 6 long rows.

Almost half way done; lets unroll it and see where I am at.  This is my first crocheting ever. A twin sized blanket.  Trying different stitches, creating a random pattern.  Adding in different colours as I please. Lots of loose ends to knit in afterwards. I 've done enough stitches that I am confident with single, half, double and treble, but sometimes forget how to start from a new chain link. After thie blanket I'll have had lots of tucking in ends experience too.

The first narrow, long striped piece was the beginning of my crochet adventure, mostly single crochet. Some of the stripes are doubles. Things  I lost about 5-10 stitches by the end. I didn't and dont have ANY desire to count. My problem happened when I added in some thick yarn. I'll fill in the gap when I attach the pieces.   The wider 2nd piece is done with the different stitches, creating a bit of interest and breathability.

I was getting pretty confident, until I searched afghan and crochet. So many beautiful pieces and lots of other kinds of stitches to figure out -basket weave, ripple.  After this I will have to learn the granny square. That's what I really like.

In the mean time, while I worked on the blanket, my son made a little purse and a bulky yarn toque, which he has already lostGood thing he is learning to crochet. FOUND!

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  1. Looking good! Keep at it and you'll have the whole thing done in no time!

  2. CongrTulations! I am amazed you are starting with such a big project for your first corchet project, but glad to hear ou are encouraged...I started with little bags, like your child :-)

  3. Yeah, kinda ambitious and a lot "learn as I go"!


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