Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Project updates: Painting, oiling and hooks

Dramatic wall with a "Pinch of Spice" verdict? Undecided.  I've been to the spice market in Istanbul before, and wonder if this shade appeared.  I want to like it. I want to love it, but I don't. At least not at 6am in the morning. A little too brown. By the mid afternoon though, its a much truer to the colour and idea I want.

"Pinch of spice" is much more brown then purple (before dawn, at least). Even though the lighter tones on the paint chip are real purple, this deepest tone is more brown with a tint of purple. Different times of day/lighting do show more purple tones, but....maybe Im just a chicken. One sample pint covers a lot, and I'm really glad I have tried it. By testing colours it really helps define what works for me and the house. Next attempt, a true gray purple.

And the dining room. Nixed the Taos Taupe. Too dark and muddy or maybe not enough sunlight comes in. I tried an older sample of a  toned down  blue too. Not a fan of this either.  Clearly I need a happy colour.

The "Babe" by Valspar, totally misread the sample can. Fuccini Pink by Glidden is a winner. For my bedroom, unexpected but wanted.

The soon to be reclaimed barnwood and tung oil for the upper wooden shelves above the kitchen sink. Coming along nicely. Washed and dried. Testing to see what colour the tung oil brings out. I may need to stain the wood first.

Hooks on the wall. Success! Attached to wall, primed and painted and hooks screwed in (although there are a few more hooks to add). And a properly centered mirror to boot.!

Disclaimer: If you havent heard me complain before, I'm a bad painter. No patience! BUT I have since gone back and painted the baseboards, which have cleaned it up nicely.

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  1. i am HORRIBLE at picking out paint colors, i can never envision it. mark is really good at it though which is weird!!


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