Friday, September 2, 2011

Mini road trip

Gonna get some Vermont Maple Syrup

 Explore Mt Washington and assess the situation for a climb next year. 
Hurricane Irene postponed our climb 
and our climbing partners couldnt make it the following weekend.

2010 Hampton Beach
A stop on the coast
for our annual ocean visit; 
Frolick in the Atlantic.

Visit West Elm;
lean back on the Tillary,
test the sturdiness of the removable back supports.
Curl up on the new leather Chester Tufted Leather sofa

Compare the Flow to the Organic Shape dinnerware.


And then make or way back, 
meandering through the little roads.
Clear our bodies and mind
and prepare for the first day of school
and the beautiful Autumn.

Although this may be a silly route to take,
many roads are under construction and closed.
as Hurricane Irene did its most damage in Vermont and N.H,
Our road trip is meant to be an exploration
and insight and detours are welcomed.


  1. Those meandering not-in-a-hurry road trips are the best kind! My husband and I sometimes just go for a drive and stop at shops and restaurants in little towns along the way. Those are always the best days.

  2. that sounds like an awesome and memorable road trip, very cool!


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