Thursday, March 21, 2013

Calamine Lotion

That is the colour I have managed to paint my room.

As I painted, I couldn't pin point the memory this colour stirred up.  I knew it was something bathroom / first aid related. My visual even had me in the bathroom eliminating possible items.

Slightly disenchanted upon this realization, I grabbed my paint can opener tool and started chipping away at the built up paint seam between the ancient cable cord, wall and baseboard.

Stop, think and compose myself and I get my most favourite tool, the scrapper. Start hacking away at poisonous window sill lead paint. Compose myself again, vacuum up the poison, lest my kids come home and start licking. I want to do this properly SOME OTHER TIME.

The paint isn't as dark as the lotion. And calamine is SOOTHING so back to painting I go.

I was dreading the other wall. There were two shelves that I wanted to take down. I didnt have much luck with the corner tv shelf unit in my sons room. I got many of the screws and nails out, all but a few. Finally asked my contractor to pull the rest down. He ended up taking some of the wall down and  having to spackle and fill holes. I was afraid of a repeat story.

 5 minutes with my drill in reverse and those babies are down.


Mostly I complain about painting and prepping, (admittedly, it gets easier and I get better at it) but there are a few OTHER positive and productive outcomes that make it even better:

1. The invariable dusting that has to happen. Yay for dusting and vacuuming behind big heavy furniture that rarely gets moved.
2. Window cleaning. Deciding that now is a good time as any to clean off the 2 year old finger smudges on mirror.
3. Finding long lost clothing items. Especially a favourite pair of shorts that I have been looking for on and off throughout last summer and then a last attempt while packing for a winter vacation and finally have given up and low and behold, they fell behind the dresser! Summer wardrobe complete!
4.  Purging. Cleaning off table tops and forced to reassess things you have collected over time. Too many picture frames. Too many shirts.  Too many foot scrubs????  Finding all my lotions that were stored and forgotten about, but had been sitting on the shelf for 2+ years. (What's with all these tubes of cream, hand cream, foot scrub...never ever do I have time to massage and pamper my feet now.) Toss 'em all. Yay for purging.

5. Did I mention dusting. Yes, well over due. Paint prep = dusting.

And the best thing about painting, is being done. And this is the kick start to my room makeover!

Walls: "Fuccini pink" eggshell by Glidden (mixed with benjamin moore paint). A similar Pittsburg paint colour is "Subdued"
Trim: "White Dove" semi gloss by Benjamin Moore

The to do list
Fix broken glass pane
paint trim
paint baseboard
remove mirror woo hoo!

Paint walls
paint blue splotch on closet door.
Remove two shelves on other walls
Hang picture frames / Make gallery wall.
Remove hardware (door handles and plates) in order to remove years of white paint.
Refinish hardware.
Curtain rods.
Find a new OLD door or fix hole in door.
Create some kind of headboard.
Build wall.
Or insert french doors.
Revamp closet - either open up middle section to expose window. Or....???
Edit wardrobe. WIP
Mount a tv on the wall w/ a wooden console thing under it. Wow did I just write that, Im so anti tv in the bedroom. But I love a hotel room with TV. Small house means I may need this, my getaway place.
Paint ceiling. BUT first remove that bubble popcorn ceiling paint. Yuck (Will probably never get around to do this, but it should be done)
Install ceiling light - electrical work (probably wont get around to that either)
New linens and duvet.


  1. I'll admit: I'm not a huge fan of pink, but the shade you picked out is pretty nice. It's not too dark, not too bright, and not too girly. It looks like a colour that would have originally been used in an older house, too, which I like. You didn't really mention whether you liked it or not, other than you thought it looked like calamine lotion.

    1. I sort of like it and its growing on me; almost nude but not quite, almost ballet slipper pink but not quite. There are times of the day it does look like a pink lotion. It also reminds me of a colour in an older house, which is cool. The original test patch I did in a hallway with a (south facing window) and it had more of a ballet slipper / nude colour and I liked it. This room has west facing windows. Its "Fuccini pink" by Glidden (mixed with benjamin moore paint). A matching Pittsburg colour is "Subdued"


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