Saturday, February 4, 2012

Progress report

This corner:

Now  looks like this:

Thanks to...

... mr. contractor.

I did go out and by a molding pry bar. I even pried it in between the wall and boards checking out the force required.  And then decided this is a job for mr. contractor. After all, he is already HERE  installing pocket door.  I didn't want to get myself into a big wall-less mess and then have to call someone in to fix it. I get to sand and finish painting.

complete change of course here...

And wow, I started that wall a month ago (hope my self-mixed paint didn't dry up)...  while searching for a mid-photo of wall and shelf I found kitty cat pictures (side track mid post writing, like side tracked projects).
the sink, hangout for cats

sharpening teeth


Do you have cats? DO they hang out in your bathroom sink?

Now back on track, the other progress...

The pocket door, coming along just fine. Contractor took down wall, moved bathroom light switch to other side of door. Installed tracking. Moved vent hole up. Discovered mold inside the wall due to previous owner flooding (washer and dryer used to be up here) and moisture from vent, thus confirming that installing pocket door was the way to go. I would have never discovered mold otherwise.

We also discussed my longer term goal of accessing backyard from kitchen (its elevated); changing window to slim french door, building deck off of kitchen. Bringing in back hoe, getting city permit, digging out corner of back yard towards basement door and cracked stairs, grading this area and creating a wide walk way and entrance to basement door which would solve several current problems. Water flooding into basement door, cracked concrete steps AND making enough head room for tall people to enter basement door under planned deck.

Then we decided to finish kitchen first.

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  1. You've been making great progress in your house renovations. I can't wait to see what it looks like in the end. Haha! Your cat looks adorable, even when he looks serious. LOL!


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