Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kitchen: Stage 1, Wall work #2

This week some more wall and electrical work. A small but not insignificant bit. Something required to do prior to installing a floor. The pocket door. A solution that is a bit better then the current door that happens to ALWAYS be open and blocking light. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I almost took it down, fed up with its uselessness and water damaged bottom, but thought better of it considering guests may want some privacy while using the loo.

I am aiming for a non-framed seamless opening to half-bath and the rising sun flowing thru ALL of the eastern exposed window. Painting the wall portion magnetic paint w/ chalkboard paint on top.  Yeah, I could have painted the brown frame window trim and door trim when I first bought the house, but I didn't want to exert effort over something that eventually will all come down. To note, this huge window needs replacing. The two small windows are swollen and do not shut. The first winter I was here, the kind insulation installer climbed up his ladder and pushed the window in for me. Of course I opened the window in the summer and now I cannot shut it from the inside.

My job: clearing and moving the wooden tall cabinet.
I had this made about 10 years ago by the Pine Man @ the Farmers Market. Actually, this one was already made, but later on he designed a changing table / storage piece for the nursery.  This piece has been used in many rooms, including my sons nursery, 9 years ago, the front hall in my other house and the current kitchen where plates and glasses and recipe books reside for the time being. (took before picture, mid-task)

Contractors job: taking down wall, rewiring and moving electrical outlets and installing pocket door.
Unfortunately he was sick this morning and couldn't come in. He sounded horrible. Luckily the 5" snow  fall yesterday will melt today / tomorrow and contractor will not be side tracked by plowing, his main winter job.

My job looks easy, doesn't it. But my dining room table is now trashed again with all the kitchen excess. I had just cleared it and wiped down the last spec of dust from lasts weeks stuff (spices, oils, cooking utensils), that I had moved to dining room so the cooking wall could get sanded and prepped.  Dining out this week. Hmmm, still sounds easy. (ha, ok, I'm trying to complain, but I got nothing ;) ... its almost beyond my capabilities)


I can't wait for a proper place for my recipe books and dishes.


For a while I have been looking for a leather storage bench. I once saw one at Marshall's. It was beautiful, camel coloured leather. I didn't scoop it up. I wasn't aware that hot items go fast. Since then I have been returning to the store in hopes of finding another one. 6 months later, no such luck. I realized I already had a type of storage bench seat unit thing so I moved that upstairs to my bedroom and the idea of the leather tufted seat storage bench faded. AND thats when I saw a NEW cool bench this past weekend. I scooped it up, forgetting I had already come to terms using my other bench.

new, cool fake leather storage bench.

Lucy, peaking in for a "cheeeezzeee" op.

details. love.
This one hasn't left the kitchen, it may never. We love it here and its getting lots of use. I love the details; the leather straps for handles, the tufted seat, nail trimmed edges, the antiqued stained leatherette and the curvy legs. Apparently and sadly my cat loves it too and has already scratched a corner...argh. Not real leather, but still.

Lucy making a run for it.
If you can, peel your eyes away from the bench and imagine for a moment, look beyond the bench and past the wall and the soon to be pocket door and to the window. Now imagine that 78" wide window turned into a slim double exterior french door opening outwards to a small Parisian type balcony. Step outside with your garden scissors and trim the chives, pull a couple basil leaves off the plant and a few rosemary clippings. Glance around the backyard, a natural willow whip fence line, a few scattered trees, a lilac tree growing beside the arbor, a small gathering place and a stretch of greenery for football; an urban backyard that has the feel as spacious as country. And then turn around, step back into the kitchen and over to the prep station where you lay the fresh herbs on the cutting board....

Now, if I can only imagine what kind of floor I am walking across.

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