Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Storage bench

Yesterday I mentioned I bought a new storage bench for my bedroom. These 100 year old houses lack storage and I needed a place to store quilts and blankets during the off season ... these 100 year old houses are drafty too.

The storage bench didn't make it upstairs because we keep sitting&eating, laying&reading, sprawling&eating&reading on it while it is in the kitchen. I also think it looks really good in the kitchen beside on top of the Turkish rug.  SO I gathered my scattered kitchen renovation purchases and placed them INTO the storage bench. Perfect. A place to store and keep my kitchen things organizated and a place for kids to sloth around on.

I have only purchased three items for this kitchen reno.  And I had stored them in logical places around my house such as the bathroom wallpaper sat on top of the toilet tank leaning against the wall. And the magnetic knife holder x's 2, ended up in a basket in my bedroom. My bedroom, you wonder?! Well yes. I bought two, one for the kitchen and another for my sons room. Once I finish painting the wall, I will install the magnetic knife holder on to the freshly painted wall and stick his collection of cars to it. Cool idea, inspired by this. Exactly LIKE this.

I have also bought one portion of a piece of an appliance. A pipe thing. You know, one of those purchases made after having a very long discussion about fridges with a Best Buy appliance person. A how-can-I-thank-you-end-this-too-long-conversation-I-just-quickly-faded-and-need-to-get-out-of-here-I-suppose-I-could-purchase-this-thing-and-in a effort to show you how I value your time and knowledge-leave-because-mall-air-has-just-exhausted-me kind of purchases. I have not even looked at it again. BUT I WILL be ready to hook up the ice maker when the time comes. This very important item was placed inside a discarded kitchen cabinet which is stored in my basement. When I first put it there, I thought that would be a great place to store all my purchased kitchen renovation items. Until NOW (yea, the other 2 items were too nice to put in that old grungy cupboard)

SO, lest I buy ANY MORE things and stuff them into logical places around my house and start forgetting where I have stored the stuff ... well I NOW have a very convenient place to keep all my kitchen reno things. And I can open the lid of my storage bench, look at them, take an inventory and give a knowing nod and smile of approval.

No sooner do I lift the bench, turn around to ready the camera and my styling assistant has done her magic. She is QUICK, my girl.  And for those who are counting, I said I had put THREE [kitchen]things in here, but there are 4, the 4th being the hexagon marble floor sample.

Three items - kind of pathetic. The kitchen was gutted almost a year ago. And three items is all I have to show for my renovation project to date, well besides the obvious gutted part.  Ah, but wait, I also have my  my collection of samples (2), and folder (1) of notes&diagrams (15) and ideas (72) that is currently stored in a fabric grocery bag neatly placed on my console in the dining room. This stuff can easily get misplaced due to the dining room now being a resting place for excess kitchen stuff from rearranging kitchen every week (2).

I may as well toss in the kitchen research magazines and books too. There is no way that storage bench is going upstairs now, now that it is brimming of inspiration and proof of a project in the works.

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