Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kitchen: GUTTED

We arrive home. I mentally prepare myself that it may not be completed. And much to my surprise, it was and I love it! Yep, my gutted kitchen is 110% more livable then the original kitchen. Bigger, brighter, and bountiful.  Camp kitchen cooking for the next 6 months while I figure out how I move around in the space, where I am inclined to want to put things, roll things and wash things.

I finally find a place for drying baggies and bibs!  The sink was moved to this wall, where plumbing was already in place for a washing machine.

 Corner cabinets and stove were removed.  Stove pushed against wall. Upper and lower cabinets removed from fridge area. Cutting board cabinet reused beside stove. I would like  a sitting area in place of the fridge, but not sure if I can forgo the wall and area for a table. hmmm

Wall cabinet / pantry / desk removed. Currently will host pet station and small cupboard.

We left the existing plumbing intact.Just have to step around this, better then the peninsula I was moving around. And the half bathroom.

Now I just need to move all the food and pots and pans and small appliances back into the kitchen so the other living areas return to their normal.

I originally thought I would replace the floor first. But electrical work and a new stove trump that. I have not been able to bake for a year. Everything burns. I need a new stove. And the ceiling light is faulty.

Go here and here for kitchen reno pictures and plan!

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