Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kitchen reno to begin

This year I will attack the kitchen.

Everything is muddled now, well, everything about the layout of the kitchen! So firstly, I need to gut it.  Clear the space so I can visualize its potential.   Clearing the kitchen is as good as clearing my  mind; a clean slate. As well, working in gutted kitchen may naturally lead to the layout.

Phase 1
1. Gut the kitchen and half bath. Remove counters, cupboards, drawers. Tear off vinyl floor, down to boards
2. Lay temporary floor or cement board down. There is an eco-friendly substitute I need to look into
3. Make a temporary sink area along south/east back wall to see if I would prefer the sink to be in this location.
4. Set up prep table and shelves.
5. Paint round table I have stored at work.

Phase II
Live and work in gutted kitchen and figure out best design/layout for it.

Install tile floor...but not too soon, lest I change my mind!

Do bathroom - replace toilet and sink, paint and wallpaper, new mirror/cabinet. I have experience here so this is all in order!

Phase III
Build kitchen.
Ah, that'll take a good portion of the year!

The clearing has begun,

In bewteen the phases I can purchase needed items - new toto toilet for half bath, stove, fridge, sink. ... Check out the re-store. All is good.

I have a trusted and keen contractor!

I am currently loving Scandinavian design; clean lines. white, wood, steel. But I also like terra cotta tiles and warm colours.

Let the work begin....

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