Monday, January 10, 2011

kitchen - before

Photos often put things into perspective. No wonder I have been cranky. Look at this nastiness and clutter!

"I am a patient person, I have high tolerance. I am a patient person, I have high tolerance." I tell myself after looking at these pictures. Admittedly, I just moved in last September. I was 6 months pregnant. I did chimney work, blew in insulation, gutted and remodel the upstairs bathroom. Had a baby. Replaced some windows. Painted two rooms. Play with my 8 year old, run my out of home business .... it is ok, its coming down NOW!

Some water damage and nastiness:

Some ugly vinyl floor that does not come clean. This was also in the upstairs bathroom where we cut out the vinyl and plywood, down to the boards.

A small bit of solace. 

That is all I can bare to reveal. I have deleted the layout photos. Besides the dingy atmosphere, the apparent lack of storage (re: cluttered counters), it was too depressing to look at.

I will be meeting with my Contract-Her this week and discussing my three phase plan!

My current elements, likes and needs: Pantry, white, ceramic, tile, stone. Wood. Floating shelves. Minimalism. Eating/gathering area. Light. Airy.

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