Friday, August 19, 2011

Lucy's closet - refinish floor progess

If you are here to see {this moment} I am going to post those on my photo blog

Why is this nasty vinyl  floor inside the bedroom closet? And the other bedroom closet. Yikes.  Oh wait, let me refer to it as something more pleasing, how about vintage vinyl?  It is at least 40 years old. I found a few treasures buried under the vinyl. An attempt at a time capsule perhaps, by the previous owner. A check for $3.95 written in 1969. I wonder what she was able to purchase for 3.95.? Did it pay the heating bill, phone bill, groceries?  My mom used to write checks for her groceries (not for 3.95 though ... alright, 40 years ago was not that long ago, I was 3 years old.  Now-a-days it is not advisable to write a check for $3.95, nor use your debit card for this amount as the cost for doing so is around $5 bucks.

Back to the time capsule ... There were also a few football trading cards. The trading cards are group shots, rather then single players. We have New York Jets "AMBUSH", Chicago Bears "A Nose For The Ball", Minnesota Vikings "Lending A Hand" and several more. My son was delighted in this find. So was I ... I'll be heading over to ebay after this post.

 So, this "vintage" flooring was the instigator for the bathroom reno (well that and the wall covering).  I didn't want to bother scrubbing it; it was easy to tell this effort would not make it better.  I didn't want to walk on it. I didn't want carefully selected tile to be placed ON TOP of it, as I would surely sense it underneath. I wanted it torn out, down to the floor boards and trashed for good.   The same "vintage" stuff has also been torn out of the kitchen. Yay. Alas, the vintage flooring haunts me. It is in two closest (it baffles me, I see no purpose in this) and it is on 3-4 stairs down to the basement.

The door to the attic is in Lucy's bedroom. A door to a closet and then a door to the stairs that lead to the attic.  Every time I go to the attic I am reminded about of the flooring.  Actually, every time I go into the closet so select a dress for Lucy.  Or to organize her out grown clothes into bins (which cover most of the flooring, thankfully.)

Yesterday morning I decided that that small closet area could serve a better use. Perhaps some narrow shelves for shoes and books and toys? There is a step in the closet, and Lucy likes to sit down on such ledges. I should make this more available for her.  (this is an adorable thing; she stands about 6inches away, with her back facing her destination. She then takes a few steps backwards until she reaches her mark, and then slowly bends knees to sit. Stands up to adjust herself, if not aligned correctly. Sometimes missing the mark and trying again. love this age!)

Once I discovered the "vintage" vinyl floor was not glued down, but rather held down by the sideboard and bottom stair, it became a really easy project and high on my list of things to do. Like immediately, after work.

Chaz, hoping to find more football cards.

A few minutes later.

Hmmm, maybe I should thank the person who laid down the vinyl, the floor is in pretty good condition, once I sweep it.

I decide that sanding the floor may not be necessary and a damp cloth will work fine. Until the wetness revealed an all to familiar smell....animal smell. Add hand held sander to my list of things to get.

Speaking of you see that little suitcase above. I picked that up a the funky flea market this past spring.  I'm fond of vintage fabrics and patterns, so maybe my vintage flooring is actually just old flooring, 'cause I don't care for that pattern.

And since we are in Lucy's closet, I'll post a few pictures of her dresses, blouse and knits. Thank you grandmas for all the knitted sweaters.

Spot the vintage pieces!


  1. What a cute little closet! We restored the wood floors in our last house! So much work! If your lino is actually vintage you could do some pretty neat stuff with it! Check out this site I found recently-

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  3. That could be such a cute little play space! Maybe a reading nook? Put some shelves and store books cover-out in bins, put some cushions on the step...I can picture it! And it's really cute.


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