Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to school preparation, storage idea

Helmets have taken over our basement stairway. A too small skateboard helmet, a new bike helmet (10 dollars via a city program, thankfully). And a too small bike helmet. My bike helmet. A too big bike helmet for Lucy.  A ski helmet. It goes on. And on.  We are tripping over helmets.

A simple solution would be a universal helmet for all wheel type sports. But this isn't the case, I am told. Also, their heads keep growing. This I did not know! Shoes each year. Yes. Helmets each year, hmmm. We do double time with ski helmet and ice skating helmet. But if he takes up hockey.... Triple duty for the bike/scooter/skateboard helmet. We are a biking family and I strongly abide to biking laws, even for myself. 

Maybe it is the numerous out grown helmets. I am torn ... do I keep them for Lucy (I am a bit surprised at how quickly my son grows out of helmets). Or do I bring them to a 2nd hand store and get new ones when she needs them. After all there is a 7 year age difference.  Like child car seats, I wonder if the Salvation Army cannot take the helmets either. Lawsuit liabilities.  The garage is no good, squirrels and spiders live there. I suppose I can make a trip up to the attic, but that would require me remembering to haul the collection of helmets with me.

For the past year, they have been hanging nicely on left over curtain hardware on the side door. (I'll spare you the before picture, until I actually complete this little project) This is also where backpacks (the "back to school" reference in title connection:)) reside. Things are constantly falling off the hooks, so mostly they collect in a pile on the floor.  And to add to it, this area became a dumping ground for other sports equipment -> lacrosse stix, tennis rackets.... It IS dangerous!

The time has come to take back this area. Make it more safe. Make it more purposeful. I started painting it last week. I also got this idea to build a recessed shelf/cubby hole to toss and hide extra shoes. Ill need the contract-her for that. And this weekend we are headed to my parents farm for some family time, cousin play AND a trip to IKEA.

I have had this little picture on my design board at home. It is now in my wallet ready for our IKEA shopping trip. It is the simplest solution for backpacks and helmets.  And a bit stylish if I do say so.

Yep, a rail and S hooks. The ceramic container is optional, but pretty.

I'm not a participant of "back to school shopping" or any other kind of advertising that occurs months before the actual event.  It is the middle of summer. We will live in the summer until the last few days.  But a trip to IKEA has sort of got me into the spirit of this back to school shopping. At least in the home organizing sense.

(post script: The after pictures)

And since back to school equates to fall ... all these other projects started to get in my head and needed organizing:
1) Vestibule - replace floor, fix cracks in wall, paint wall (gray & white) fix main door, insert glass in 2nd door and stain and varathane door In progress

2) Chaz closet - make (plumbing) shelf (open up space); hang curtain/door. paint wall, tear out vinyl floor. not in this order.

3) My room - remove closet door and widen opening and replace with sliding door -> will let more light into room and closet. make closet more accessible. and by removing door that swings into room, I will have more options for moving king size bed to different walls. Right now its against the windows and if I dont get replacement windows in this fall, it will be kind of chilly on our heads.

4a) tear vinyl floor out of Lucy's closet. sand, stain and varathane hardwood (found a check for 3 dollars written in 1969; some old hockey cards and paperclips) In progress
4b) remove vinyl floor from Chaz's closet. sand stain and varathane hardwood

5) basement stairway: painting in progress. add rail and S hooks in basement stairway - hang backpacks. Add shelf for ... stuff, add hooks for helmets.

6) replacement windows for 5 windows upstairs my/chaz room

7) downstairs bathroom - insert sliding door. chalkboard paint it. AND hopefully remodel the entire room, if I can make a decision on tile.

8) tile kitchen floor.

9) Orange / now peacock blue room -> reclaiming it for my work space (from storage place) In progress

10)  Oh yeah, and the dining room light and two "live" units. The electrician. In progress

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