Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dew go barefoot

An early morning stroll through my garden,
Garden, ... I use that term loosely...
But it is my garden.

My long awaited for Cosmos bloomed. 
One, tiny sweet bloom.  
There are at least 6 hardy stems in this garden.
Mid-August and I wondered if I would ever get a flower. 
Google told me my Cosmos needed so many hours of sun. 
Alas, the bloom. And one is all I need.

 I made my way over to the jungle of Elephant Ears (Amaranth) and Morning Glory.
Not a garden that appeals to everyone,
but I have grown fond of it,
it was determined to rise.
Started growing before I got to harvest it and plant the tomatoes.

Zooming in and mother nature doesn't fail
The Morning Glory entwining itself around anything
The tiny wisps of stem hair.

A bee and its destination,
Digging deep for his nectar

I returned inside and realized how good my feet felt. 
Its been along time since I walked barefoot through grass. 
Dewey grass. 
Dew Drop Inn. 
You get into habits, some of which are putting on shoes.  
I went barefoot all weekend at the cottage
A treat for my feet.  A treat for my sensory system. 
Feel with your feet. 
Let the grass tickle the sole. 
Let the pebbles and gravel prick or massage at the sole. 
And let the tiny droplets of dew refresh your hard working, often covered sole.

****  ** ****
But this post isn't about my garden. Nor is it meant to be about my feet.
It is about ELECTRICITY and my list.
And left a message.
Yay for me and yay for anticipating dining room progress.

AND I also found this really, really cool DIY cluster light
which is based on the inspiration cluster light for my industrial light fixture.
That has been sitting in its box
patiently, waiting and waiting to take center stage over the table.

I definitely making a cluster light for my bedroom.

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  1. I love the pictures of the bee! So beautiful! I go barefoot all the time. Unfortunately, that means that my feet are really rough and yucky. I'm a bit self-conscious about them. My husband - who always has something on his feet - has soft, smooth soles.


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