Thursday, April 14, 2011

Home tour - vignettes, antiques, diy'er, painting

Dear Danielle, It was wonderful to see you and Jake last weekend. You look great and your tiny 17 week belly is growing nicely. Clearly you have rebounded from first trimester; I cannot believe all the painting you have done! Three rooms wasn't enough, so you thought you would tackle my mom's bathroom too. Crazy gurl. It looks awesome. I wish I could paint or at least have the energy too ... you have inspired me a bit; maybe I will get to my stripes this month. But Lil' Lu keeps me busy. She keeps losing her balance. Put a ladder in her way, that could be trouble.
While you were out at your moms house, helping her make sliding drawers in her cupboards and Jake was in the shower I snuck around your house taking pictures of your collections and paint job. It wasn't the right kind of lighting so the pictures don't do it justice, but I couldn't help myself and I wanted to share your creativity.

Danielle made the glass window separator. Her desk is behind the glass. She found three old windows and hinged them together. Not sure if she rubbed the paint to get the green colour or if that was natural aging.

Several of many of her window sills and plants. An ancient typewriter.

Old work bench/tool bench, old wooden box and a home made bird house.

Her half painted ceiling. She painted both colours though, and intentionally left it looking as it does. Before anyone are her visitors can make a comment, either good or awkward, she quickly and giggly hands you her inspiration page.

She made a template and traced it onto the wall. And managed to paint the green pattern and stay within the pencil border. Not one little mistake. I suck at colouring and staying in the lines. This is what keeps me from getting my ideas realized!

Some freehand painted flowers.

And her collection of old suitcases. Somewhere in her house is a suitcase made into a table. I couldn't find it, OR maybe she has not done that yet. And those are my brothers collection of vinyl, half of them are mine. Beautiful South, Rolling Stones, Rolling Stones, Rolling Stones and some others. It seems they are being looked after very well.

While she was painting my mom's bathroom I offered to pay her to make the 4 hour drive and help me with my striped wall. She politely said ... well I guess she didn't say yes or no, she smiled and giggled and ... mulled it over. I returned quickly to let her know that it was only ONE small wall, but to make it worth her drive and $ she could paint my sons room too. Will see if I ever get it done!

This is Danielle and my brothers home. She is super creative and a diy'er and she drives a back hoe and does graphic design for book covers. She bakes and cooks and runs and xcross country skiis too. But she has yet to get a blog going!

disclaimer: concerning her painting while pregnant: She has all the windows open and a ton of fresh air and leaves the room frequently.


  1. i kinda actually like the half painted room. it's interesting to look at!

  2. She has such a beautiful home. I love that window separator so much. She is really creative. Have a fantastic day, my dear

  3. Those freehand painted flowers are so so so fantastic! well, it all is! i'm so envious! <3 Shes so talented!!!!!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons


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