Friday, April 15, 2011

Tribute, charity, Japan

Yesterday I walked by this origami structure blowing briskly in the wind. I brought my camera today to take a picture of it and found two students stringing the strings of cranes back onto the stakes. They explained to me that some students destroyed it last night (as some of the stakes were broken in half and the area was littered with plastic easter egg capsules). I had noticed yesterday the wind had blown some of the strings off the nails and had wondered how it would last through the night, but surely the wind was not strong enough to damage the stakes. Shame. Shame. They explained that it was the School of Architecture fundraiser for Japan; one pays 2 dollars to make an orange (SU colour) origami crane and then it gets strung up on the structure. (and the money is donated to Japan). The two students were working diligently untangling the strings and putting it back together. (These pictures were taken from a distance, before I spoke to the students;-they were working on the other half, not pictured)

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  1. What an awesome project...and a powerful visual/reminder of Japan and all the help and prayers they still need (must not forget!)


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