Thursday, November 25, 2010

Grey and White striped wall inspiration

I'll make it easier for you mom!

A month or so ago, the first thing that caught my eye and got me thinking grey and white stripes was when I was watching Hereafter. Actually I didn't think much about it. I decided right there and then that that is what I would do. (Love her hair style too!)

(photo source/credit: images)

I follow remodelista and occasionally they have posts w/ grey and white walls.

I followed their sources (here and here) and continued to be inspired by the grey and white palette;  the clean lines and simple decor of Scandinavia. This appeals to me and I want to carry that through into the rest of the living room and the dining room and kitchen.  Did I mention I have a degree in fashion merchandising. I love finding things that make me smile.

(photo sources/credits from here)

I have always flip flopped between liking colour or just white. Pure white sofa vs bright orange sofa. Pristine white walls vs stately blue walls. 

My first house was all white downstairs. I loved the fresh and organic feeling that the white walls vibrated. The rooms upstairs were painted various colours. Some by me, some by the previous owners. When I moved to an apartment I immediately painted 3 pieces of wood furnishings white. Now, in my new home, ...well we will just have to see the outcome.

Another design blog I am scouring through: from Scandinavia with love Design & Style.  Scrumptiously clean.

And, yeah, the original inspiration, the grey and white striped wall, is Parisian.  I can mix Parisian and Scandinavian. Sure I can.

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