Monday, June 2, 2014

Bye bye Moses Basket

Document an object and let it go.
Two weeks until the official, unceremonious house closing day, and I am one week behind in cramming stuff into the POD.

But luckily, I gave my self a two week buffer and am basking in the joys of planning and knowing myself so well. The attic is almost empty with the exception of two rugs and a sweeping.  The next floor down, beds are disassembled and packed in POD, mattresses laying on the bedroom floors. Bureaus disassembled, hauled down and packed in pod. Dresser drawers filled with delicate and fragile objects and reinserted in bureaus. Clothes packed in containers, linens in boxes and carried out to POD. A suitcase each worth of clothes, scattered on the floors around the mattresses. The main floor of house is a disaster, sectioned  off  in groups; the last bit of must take furniture, boxes of things to take, a large pile of things to donate and the items that may or may not make it, depending how much room is left in the POD.

Moving and packing and letting go of stuff. Sooner then one would like too, but also an opportunity to clear out excess and embrace a new stage in life.  The Moses Basket is a deliberate object to let go of. I can easily make room for this and cram it in. I know lots of people keep such a precious baby item and lots of people let it go. She would easily play with it, and has done so, but it has also sat in the attic for 4 years. Instead of bringing an extra monumental item, I give this object and precious time in our life a proper farewell. Bye bye baby stage. Hello 4 year old.

When my first was born I was given 12 weeks of learning how to be a parent and mother before I had to go back to work. With my second my situation was a bit different and managed to spend a lot of time with her over the past 4 years. The first few years, while work was slow, I could not part with you and brought you along to work instead. You slept and fed and I held you and managed the office. When you were walking you continued to come to work with  me. We had a corner of toys, a couch and a computer to play on. We took walks around the campus, jumped puddles and had picnics. You slept the afternoon away and I worked. And when you needed more socialization you went to Tot Drop once a week and then a few days at a grandma type day care.   And then when we closed down our business we spent lots of time together again hanging out, walking dog, going to park, visiting grandma daycare, walking to the plaza. Building blocks, train tracks and and little cities. Reading books, drawing pictures, cutting out shapes and even painting walls. Taking baths in the middle of the day, making pancakes and muffins and following me around, helping me with my chores of laundry, grass mowing and gardening. Eventually we signed up for a few activities, reading club, swim lessons and pre-twinkle violin, which helped me keep track of the days of the week.

I suppose this is My Ode to the Baby Moses Basket But Really, Our Time Together Before Starting Our New Stage In Life, In A New City.

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