Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rainy day update

1) Its a rainy day and perfect for curling up stretching out in bed and watching the last season of Gossip Girl ...

except I'm doing laundry and  first need to resheet the bed (because I apparently packed up all the other linen. What was I thinking I still have a 1.5 months).

2) This makes me smile.

A toothbrush holder. My 4 year old is with her dad and when I see where she places her tooth brush it warms my heart  ... but the fact that she is with her dad right now adds to the perfect day for stretching out in bed and sneaking in a few episodes of GG.

3) And my IKEA HACK, along with packing boxes, unloading stuff at salvation army, researching living options up there and making killer  decisions on what I may need up North and what I should give away here and repurchase up there so everything I LOVE fits into the 16 x 9 x9 POD that will be delivered in a few weeks I am researching ribbons and fabric for weaving on to the Gullhomen rocking chair

One of the pieces of furniture, er, I mean frame that I am opting to stuff in the POD is the wicker rocking chair, an IKEA favourite.  Mine has been moved around from one apartment to the next house to the next, to the next (that's 4 total moves), since 2000.  At first loved and oh so cool, and then eventually left outside where the elements got the better of it.  I tore of the leftover rattan and am researching weaving options. I want some kind of colourful ribbon weave or maybe a pvc yarn for out door use, left over fabric (check out pinterest) ... which would be a great way for me to reuse and monument my past collection of t-shirts rather then hauling them off to the thrift store.

4) House selling update. The house did sell, (did I mention that?) and besides the packing part, the inspection was signed off with a few minor things to fix (electrical covers in the basement, and a leaky faucet in the basement); the buyer's loan people came out to appraise the house since the selling price was significantly higher (for this area) then I bought it for.  They need to see for themselves the kitchen reno, bathroom reno, vestibule upgrade (even painted walls increase the value, he told me). That was all approved. So other then that, its up to me to pack before the closing day which is mid June and perhaps re weave the IKEA rocking chair..

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