Thursday, April 10, 2014

Crochet! Foot stool cover

One of the last sort of home projects I wanted to complete before I sold the house was to update the ikat stools that were kicking around for many years.  They had resided in many rooms throughout the years but eventually landed in Little L's room. They worked well there but the colours were no longer relevant.

I took up crocheting last winter during my son's bi-weekly soccer practices. I completed his blanket in the fall.  My fingers were itching to do more, now that winter had arrived and the indoor bi-weekly soccer practices resumed. On a whim I checked out A.C. Moore's closing clearance sale and discovered the empty yarn aisles. Except for these two colours, peacock blue and coral yarn. The exact colours of Little L's room.  One done, another to go and a month left of indoor soccer practice.

In regards to the sale of my home, we listed it on a Thursday. Had a potential buyer come look at it the same Thursday evening and they were so thrilled with it they put in an offer the next day. We let the 4 other interested folks check it out on Fri and Sat and then I decided to sign off on the offer. The offer met the selling price plus a bit, they had no conditions and the young man really loved it. I believe the house would really suit him. It happened much faster then I anticipated and needed to ask for a few more weeks before closing day (mid June) so my kid could finish off his school year undisturbed. And he kindly accepted that.

We are just signing off on the inspection notes and then I will have two months to pack and load a POD.

Each step has brought me closer to my reality and moving back to my home country. Our hearts are heavy as we have lived here for 15 years.  My kids were born American.  My son has a close group of friends he has to part with. I too.  I wonder if I am doing the right thing, will my kids forgive me? is there a loop hole I missed? Could I have tried harder? Or perhaps I didn't want that fight (Visa requirements state once I close down my business  I must leave since I am no longer useful to the US). I hope to get warm fuzzy feelings upon my repatriation.  In the meantime I am day dreaming trips to Bora Bora. My coping strategy!

p.s. check out pinterest crocheted stool covers (I was put to shame, oh well! I like mine but some of these are beautiful and intricate)

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