Saturday, July 5, 2014

So long, Roosevelt

We have been moved out of the house for 23 days. Closed on June 12.  Everything couldn't have gone better; events happening according to a schedule even though the prerequisite offer to those said events was serendipitous.

I listed the house just when it needed to be, although it took a few weeks longer due to snow, final touches and negotiating with the real estate agent a proper price.  A very interested buyer submitted an offer, meeting the asking price plus 100.00, with in 24hrs of listing.  I accepted it after the weekend. The inspection, the negotiations, the bank assessment, the fixes, etc. all happened within  two month time frame. The buyer agreed to a later closing day to accommodate my child's school year schedule. The buyer was perfect and sweet, which made passing on the house so much easier.


The 4+ weeks time I gave myself for sorting through stuff, eliminating and moving boxes down two floors to main floor and then to basement and out to POD. Working several hours a day, enough to feel like I was making progress yet also spending valuable time with preschooler, scheduling swim lessons and book club assuring we get out of the house.  Enough of a work out but not kill me. Realizing and Recruiting my  neighbour to help me move one big item each day into the POD, allowing me to then stuff it like a puzzle with all the little boxes.   Everything that I wanted fit into POD and everything I decided to part with, either selling or giving away went.

An Ode & and Twang to the house on Roosevelt

It just could not have gone better. Even budgeting my savings to last a year, down to the last $100.00 dollars, before closing and receiving the house $$. Phew!

I'm officially a visitor in the US now, another thing I needed to deal with, surrendering my VISA. We are living out of suit cases in a friends house, enjoying our easy going month of nothingness but summer fun in July.

What happens next, a bit of mystery.  Hopefully events will unravel in the same smooth way. Moving to Ottawa, finding a job or making one happen. Getting kids enrolled in their new schools.... or perhaps some other kind of adventure. Who knows.

This blog was originally about renovating the house, with a whole lot of other stuff happening in between. I believe, this is where it ends too, until my future becomes more apparent!

"So long, Marianne", as we used to say

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