Wednesday, August 31, 2011

IKEA toy bin = recycle organization

Turn unorganized heaping piles and messes into something easy to get at and appealing to look at. (Mind the ugly walls, the kitchen is gutted and readying for a renovation.)

I like recycling and organizing the stuff. I like putting the papers in the paper bag, the tins and plastic in the containers. The bottles back to the store. But I have to say, I seem to accumulate more recyclables now and they got a little out of hand. Previous to the kitchen gutting, I had some semblance to my recycling stuff. Post gut and for the past few months the piles spread out and piled up and got a little crazy.

For the time being, without any counters or cupboards, I used big empty diaper boxes for collecting the main recyclables.And then we would bring the blue bin up, dump the boxes into blue bin and take bin curbside. Im not sure why I don't just keep the blue bin up here??? I'm sure I had a reason, but I forget what it  is!

The door handle was heavily used with hanging bags holding other bags. Rice bag held plastic bags, Cotton bag held kitchen laundry. Another hidden cotton bag held grocery bags. And the paper bag, holding paint stuff - as I am painting the stairway.  (Backpack will find its new home next week.)

Small clementine fruit crate holding magazines, flyers, envelopes.

Ya know, when I lived in Ottawa, Canada one can stick a note on the mailbox refusing flyers, junk mail. That doesn't go over so well here in CNY. I suppose that is because the junk mailers have gotten hold of your name and have addressed the junk to you.

Oh look, here is a neat pile. Old magazines.

Trip to IKEA. Spot the toy bin and shelf organizer. Purchase it and build it with my little building associate, Lucy. (Building tip: I used a power drill for the plastic "sliders" (that the bins slip into) The drill was able to force the sliders flat which helps the bins slide in and out easily.  I did the first few manually and I couldn't get the sliders flat against the clapboard ... and it was MUCH quicker to use the power drill)

And everything is tidy again.

Now if I can only find a decent place to plop my counter top compost bucket.


  1. that's perfect. We have a small blue bin under the sink, with the idea that we'll empty it every few days. Except that we don't...and instead, the whole thing overflows and we end up wasting time scooping everything up. I like your solution!

    What does CNY stand for?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Yeah the spillage was getting to me. CNY=Central New York. I learned that if I just say NY, that refers to the city, so all the rest of us NY Stater's need to clarify.


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