Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How much is that doggie in the window

I have been restless about getting some projects completed; not actually working on any, just bothered by the lack of progress. And posting about them is kind of non-inspiring right now. Although I did reorganize my recycle piles and took pictures. More about that later.

I also had some visitors this weekend which brought lots of energy and fun into my home.

I also forgot my dog at the at the food coop. Had to pick up some onions and garlic and took my dog for a walk. Tied him to the water spout beside the water bowl, as I normally do. Went inside, got my stuff, exited and went home. A few hours later my friend asked me where my dog was. I thought that was a weird question, and then BOOM. ACK> he is at the food coop. We jumped up from the dining room table, and ran waddled to the store. My friend is 8 months pregnant... It was 8:30pm and the store closes at 8. A white piece of paper had replaced my dog. Luckily there was a note, address and phone number on the paper. I don't have a cell phone, so we just walked to the address.  The lights were on in the house but noone answered. We walked back, going past the store again. There were a couple kids outside the store who said they heard about the abandoned dog, but the person who took Luc did not work at the store; she must have been on neighbourhood watch. Or a store patron.  Back home we called the number and the friendly dog rescuer said she was now home. WE ALL walked back to the house and picked up Luc. He was sleeping on a pillow on her living room chair. I think he may have wanted to spend the night. The dog lovers heard the store workers wondering what to do with the dog as none of them could take him home. The patron chimed in and said she could take him. She was actually out looking for her own dog. She did find her dog and she and her husband made Luc feel loved.

I am usually with my kids when I go to the store, but this time I was with a friend and we were talking as we left and headed home and forgot the dog.  Thankfully she eventually remembered; it might have taken me a while longer to notice Luc was missing as he is so quiet now a days, usually sleeping or scratching himself. And my memory is shot.  It made me realize that I lack energy in my home. Yes, I have a lot of kid energy and me energy. But when my family members are visiting there is so much more energy and love. I guess I kind of miss them.

And the price of the doggie in the window on the water tap, Steal him, yes, Afford him, no way. Thankful for the good samaritan  who took the initiative to make sure the dog didn't get stuck in a rain storm over night and do the best she could to contact me.


  1. I'm so glad that Luc is back home with you! Seriously, I would have had a major panic attack. The thought of losing my dog makes my heart pound. I'm glad that Luc was brought home by a good person who wanted to make sure that he found his way back to you!

  2. OH, it was horrible, all the thoughts going through my head; and the shame I felt for forgetting him. BUT SO thankful my friend was with me to help find him and keep me calm.


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