Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gray, grey, gray, grey

Whoa! Too much grey reading.

Grey undertones - purple, blue, green.

Grey is the new brown.

Grey vs Gray. (Because my spellchecker keeps telling my grey is wrong. I should change my settings.)

Rule with grey: When deciding on a grey, do not rely on the colour chip alone. Buy the sample and test on the walls.

While devouring my paint book bible, I discovered another paint brand, Pratt and Lambert. I was intrigued by the suggested colour combination of Arrowroot & Phantom (to achieve the desirable dutch white minimalist colour palette). Googled Pratt and Lambert and was happy to discover I can buy this brand at Value Hardware Store.  Had never been to this hardware store nor have I heard of it so wondered what kind of paint this brand would be. Apparently equal to Benjamin Moore and the best of Behr.  I love their colours and names! They also have a useful tool on their website for viewing and matching colours.

Working at my grey and white striped wall. I have two coats of white on the wall so far and will do a third coat but I have a new dilemma - What is the best white to match grey? White white (a la Chantilly Lace) or do I get a different white, a creamy white, such as Milk Sugar. Or even creamier. And if I use a cream white for the white and grey striped wall, can the other walls be bright white.

Pratt and Lambert: Quiet time.  Other possibilities: Gettysburg, Durability, Carolina Gull, Driftwood (colours are listed w/ purple undertones)

My new favourite colour, Wolf, has a blue undertone. I think it looks taupish. Trying to work wolf into my dining room. Along with arrowroot and phantom. My son recently wrote facts on wolves. He was quite proud of how he tasked himself with this job of writing FACTs on wolves. I now throw the word "facts" around, and he instantly perks up. 

I also like Vintage Grey by Eddie Bauer. Vintage Grey seems like a no brainer for the look I am going for. While trying to find a colour swatch I have discovered Eddie Bauer/Valspar also has very handy website for working through colours and inspiration. But they wont let me take a little image of the colour. Oh look, Tempered Gray. Better check that out as well.

Previewing this post, I am leaning towards Wolf. It won't be quite grey and white stripes, but I am really liking it.

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