Thursday, April 14, 2011

Eye on the buds

I wonder what colour of tulips I planted - I'll soon find out.

The little sign, "My Little Garden" was left by the other owner. A little garden hosting BIG clover. The sign was cute, the clover was killing me.

Last summer was the first time I witnessed the garden grow, only to discover clover had taken over.  I didn't want to interfere right away. Some gems may still be in there. In fact, I like clover, sucking the sweetness out of the little petal. Drawing in butterflies and bees. But in a city garden, it didn't really work. It should grow freely, 12 corn fields east of here. And in ditches. Or maybe at the end of my back yard.  That would be ok. It was so tall, my view was blocked and I couldn't safely pull out of the driveway.

An hosta eventually appeared. strangled by clover. Some decent greenery ground cover and some pretty purple flowers, kind of spidery petals, that was hidden under the clover.  Sometime in late August I pulled out the clover and separated the hosta.  My neighbour was ecstatic. Later on I planted some tulip bulbs, (which seemingly were left alone by the squirrels!)

Now I need to deal with the orange Day Lilies. I need a trowel so I can move half of them along the side of the house. I also want that shrub moved. Right now it serves as a pee station for dogs, which proves its hardiness, I suppose. Maybe I can dig it up, move it and it will survive.


  1. I love day lilies! Hands-down my favourite flower to grow. They're easy, colourful, beautiful and take up a lot of space...perfect for me! I also love tulips, but have to plant twice as many as I need because of the squirrels.

  2. I adore that Andy and I are all settled into our house, I need to get some bulbs in the ground and enjoy the mystery of "what color with pop up" like you are enjoying right now!!!! :)


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