Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wall of organization: Backpacks and helmets

Cabin Decor trend, Moosehead trend, Lodge Style living room trend...some how mixing a moose head into a modern living room trend...I didn't get it. It didn't appeal to me at all. Until one day, not to long ago...

... I found this cool little rustic moose-(deer)-head-faux-taxidermy hook. And I love it.

Today (still full of energy after digging for an hour -rethinking that and delegating digging tasks to the youthful - more on this later) I worked on screwing up hooks for my wall of overflowing soon to be organized helmets and backpacks.

I had painted the area a few weeks ago and tried screwing up the rail and hooks a few nights ago but my little assistant was insistent on helping and ended up doing a somersault down the first set of stairs, so I gave in/up. (she landed upside down into a helmet, breaking her fall)

My inspiration for the rail and s hook back pack & helmet organization came from this tear page in some magazine over a year ago. This was pre-blogging days, pre-pinterest, when I tore magazine pictures of fun ideas and tacked them onto my idea board. Can you see it, the one below is more elaborate with corkboard behind the backpacks and row of boxes above.

And now I am hooked on that lodge decor trend. I LOVE my little rustic moose (yea its a deer) hook.

S hooks and rail: Ikea
Rustic Moose Deer hook: UrbanOutfitters
Antique white tree branch hooks: UrbanOutfitters

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  1. I like the deer too! Most of the cheesy decor in our house is nautical-themed. I think I need a deer. Errrr...not to suggest that your deer is cheesy, of course.


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