Friday, February 3, 2012

Kitchen floor tile, continues

This one is too stony
Montauk black slate

This one, too black
Absolute black 4x4 granite

And this was is just too darn pretty
Patterened terra cotta

Actually the first one is OK, but it only comes in 12x12 and I want 6x6.  It will probably also be too stony in real, similar to the 2x2 sample I received last week - too gray, too rocky. The 2nd one. Nice. But maybe too black. The third one, patterned terra cotta. Terra cotta was my original want, but then I switched. And then I found this. Kind of beautiful. I wonder if it will be neutral enough. I wonder if it will look ok with stainless steel? White cabinets? Black granite counter? 

Too bad the old floor wasnt wide plank pine.


  1. Sara: If you don't mind just a little bit more work, you can just cut the 12x12 tiles down to 6x6. They won't end up at exactly 6x6 (probably 5 7/8 square) but this is definitely do-able. Slate cuts pretty easily with a wet-saw, but be warned that it gets very messy. But like I said, if you can't find it, you can definitely do it. I know of another old house owner who wanted 6x12 slate tiles and he just cut them in half since none were available anywhere.


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