Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kitchen mockup

THIS floorplan may just be my long term goal. It requires changing a 78 inch long window to exterior french doors. And building a tiny Parisian balcony for easy access to my herbs and garlic plants. A balcony has always been in the plans, but off of the dining room.

The current kitchen and WIP looks more like this ... I did leave in the balcony, cause its soo sweet. And the dimensions are completely wrong. There is not as much counter space as these pictures depict. And the pocket door - hopefully we install that the correct way, not backwards like the image. And the cabinets...well you get the picture. A very amateur mockup.

In the next few weeks we will be working on the pocket door to the little bathroom. I want this hidden door as the current one is always open, blocking the light from the window. And its ugly. And its water damaged. I almost took it down, but considered that guests may appreciate some privacy while using the loo.

We (as in my new super professional contractor) need to remove the outside of the wall, move light switch around the corner and then install pocket door. Doing this so we can move along to tiling the floor, stage 3. Speaking of tiles, any day now. Any day the samples will be on my stoop.

AND the cooking area. The wall is prepped and powered up. The other day I posted that the wall was completed. I was excited and little hasty. He came back two more times to skimcoat and sand. It looks much better.

I also met with a kitchen designer and although they were masters at using the design program, they really didn't have any other ideas for this awkward space. She was careful in making sure I had enough cupboards vs high cabinets vs pantry etc. But my biggest goal, maybe shortsighted, is new appliances, better lighting, flooring, countertop and then fill in between with cabinets. Meaning, I'm not too fussy about what goes in between. Something paintable, perhaps something non-commital. I will be checking out Ikea and if their cabinets are versatile and compatible with other appliances, I can grab the three pieces I need - two 15" cupboards and one oven cabinet and then well on my way.

After seeing the huge price for cabinets and the commitment to the kitchen being done all at once, I am convinced that my kitchen is more suited to the pieced together look as in my oodles of inspiration images. A big open prep table beside the fridge and a proper cabinet and counter around the oven and another one around the sink (as in the first 2 pictures).

I had a few more layouts but somehow the final images were corrupted. Maybe a sign.


  1. Mock-ups are fun...but they can take up allllllll say! Sorry about the corrupted images.

  2. Errr...that should have read "day", not "say".


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