Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kitchen: Stage 1, wall work #1

Electrical and wall prep in new "cook" station ... done.

this am
this pm

This required all of rearranging the stove and fridge ;) (easy). Rewiring the stove outlet to the new location (hired out). New grounded plugs on wall (3) (hired out).  Not as easy as it sounds. Gotta finnd the right contractor to work with you. We also discovered there is already a gas line in the basement, which goes directly under the new cook station area. Woot!  Up until today I had resigned myself to a smoothtop electric. Let's see where this new information leads me in the appliance selection.

That's a 24 inch stove, by the way. And a 60 inch wall. I'll be upsizing to 30" although I would be satisfied with 27" and more counter top/cabinets. 27" is rare. I found one cooktop by Fagor. Wouldn't mind the Fagor, but there were only three elements. Maybe I will have more options with a gas cooktop.

And the other angle... yeah, I need to do some more re-arranging; I did just walk in to the house to the new layout.  Tried out the old stove in the NEW location by making a grilled cheese and then over to the computer. ...  more then likely I will have all new appliances in less then a month so I can wait to shove that fridge into the corner.

In case the cheery ceramic spoon holder diverted your attention away from the dirty side of the stove ... #1 reason for cooktop stove, besides sleekness ... it prevents spillage from running down the sides that are typically hidden between a cabinet. Several people, as in the kitchen designer and the contractor, have asked me why I want the cooktop (as they cost much more then a range). And they both laugh at me when I explain that I am not the kind of person who will drag out the range to clean its sides.  Shrug. Hire a cleaning person or put that extra  money on the cook top. Problem solved.


  1. Reading your blog makes me feel so lazy. You're always doing stuff! Seriously impressive.

  2. I kinda cant wait until I'm done, so I can do nothing!


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