Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Two kitchen ideas

Collecting samples, organizing my likes and likes and likes. Picking appliances. Meeting with kitchen designer with corrected measurements and honed ideas. Expecting contractor this week for electrical and wall prep. And a chest full of butterflies. Well, not quite the chest, thats too high, but stomach is too low. Butterflies in my diaphragm? A little too much excitement for me as I attempt to put this on "paper".  That is the step before making it real. Committed. Organizing all the likes and putting it together is tricky,exciting and a bit overwhelming but oh so close.

The main decisions are counter tops (black or white), and then cupboards (white by default) and floor. Had wanted black slate, but am unsure about the black white black look.

Idea 1
Black counter, white cupboards.
Black slate floor, dark gray grout - (red turkish carpet to warm things up) (approx. 160 square ft)

Not sure about the black white black combo, thinking of other floor options - right now my kitchen is down to the oak that had a layer of plywood and vinyl pasted to it. The oak was sanded but definitely damaged. Maybe I can just sand it more, stain it and and see if I like that. BUT there is an added section of the kitchen that is ply wood, and then the connected bathroom ... not sure how to work that in. I do like the look of this stained wood.

Cook area - Oven, single, True convection. Undecided between paying the extra for stainless steel or going with black. But I do like the square windows. Ordering the appliances after the meeting this friday, (encouraging myself to move along, bite the bullet...)

Frigidaire Gallery

Smoothtop Cooktop - not going to switch to gas, as much as I love gas top cooking. Some other time. Doubt I will pay the extra 100 for a bit of stainless steel trim. And deciding on 5 rings versus 4. I do like the simmer option and the extra warming ring.
Frigidaire Gallery

Whirlpool Gold

White floating shelves around cook area. Perhaps a "chimney" vent.  Some kind of stainless steel backsplash behind cooktop.

Washing, cleaning area - White sink - a la homedepot - saw a pretty white sink, kind of farmhouse / apron , but more modern. I also like the stainless steel apron sink. Vintage dish rack above sink (etsy), Slim dishwasher (18"), track lighting,

Fridge and prep area - stainless steel (softens black white black look), microwave beside fridge, above counter. Prep counter and some floating shelves above

Pantry, storage - slim (14" depth), aligned with wall


but not sure about black white black, hmmmm

Idea 2
White cupboards, concrete looking whitish counters

Thinking about 2x2 hex hone marble ... perhaps too luxurious. But mostly I couldn't find any kitchen inspiration photos. Not one kitchen with hex marble floors, which makes me think its not the right kind of flooring for a kitchen... But look at this. Absolutely GORGEOUS. The floor of a restaurant. SO why not a kitchen.

Cook area: Frigidaire Gallery cooktop and stove or Whirlpool, same as above

Washing, cleaning area - white sink - a la homedepot, vintage dish rack above sink, slim dishwasher (same as idea 1, guess that is settled). Possibly hang chandelier w/ recessed lighting

via Etsy

Fridge and prep area - stainless steel, micro above counter, beside fridge. shelving over fridge and micro, prep counter and floating shelves (same as idea 1; one small, minute issue, that huge window has to go  and become a door that would lead to mid air. would have to build a balcony. hmmm)

Maytag EcoConserve 17 cu ft.

Summit, 13 cubic feet
Samsung 17.8 cu ft
LG 20.7 cu ft.

Right now, I am leaning towards the Maytag EcoConserve. The Summit is out because I do not want a swinging freezer door. Other then that I think its sweet. The two french door possibilities are counter depth. If I put the fridge beside the window as currently planned, I don't need counter depth, I'll make the counter "fridge-depth" instead, for that extra counter space. I need to see these babies live.

Pantry, storage - some kind of vintage piece. (perhaps in teal :))


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