Friday, January 13, 2012

The Tillary

Apparently my daughter is a stylist. As I walked away from couch to take a photo, she strategically placed Ernie on the sofa.

The angst I have had with my other sofa is resolved with the new one. Yay! Although I love the old one that I bought almost 10 years ago, while pregnant with my first son ...  and although it was a momentous moment in my life being my first big purchase ... a love hate relationship developed. The back was too high.  Pet hair stuck to the faux suede. I always had to keep it covered. blah blah. But I could never part with it.

I discovered the  Tillary from West Elm a few years ago. When I became serious about replacing my sofa, I did a lot of online and instore research.  I ended up choosing this one because it would fit well in this awkward room with 4 entry ways, truncated walls, a fireplace and the outdoor entrance coming right into the middle of the main room in this home ... THEE WORST design problem. My most hated aspect of a house. Why did I buy it then, well that's another the story. For NOW the Tillary works in this space. It is low. If its placed along the window, light beams in and over the low sofa.  If I move it parallel to the fireplace, a cozy location, it doesn't chop up the room too much. And a low console can be placed behind it, creating a distinctive pathway into the room. Oh, the options I have!

The color, granite, is oddly close to the other sofa, steely blue, which I was trying to get away from.  Shrug. I had ordered lots of fabric samples. I did want white, but that is just silly. The gray works great with my new colors in the rugs and wall.

And the sheep skin rug. Yeah, it's in so many blog photos, seemingly trendy. And I thought it was merely for looks. I had eyed these beautiful rugs before, thinking how divine it would be to stumble out of bed, resting my bare naked feet on the purest, whitest, softest rug before walking across the cold hardwood floor ... I like feeling with me feet.  But I never bought one until ... my brother was looking for gift ideas ... and, well, now I can place my [clothed] butt on this divine throne of mine. AND I discovered, IT is not only for looks. Seriously. Try it.
I wonder, does anyone really care that much about a sofa. Maybe. Its a big purchase. Getting the right one for your room can bring calm to your otherwise hectic life. AND I am so glad to be done thinking about it.

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