Friday, January 13, 2012

Patiently, eagerly

Waiting for the sofa.

(I'm so not a stylist, there is always some little pile of stuff that doesn't get moved out of the shot - pile of blankets, bag of newspaper...)

I rearranged the living (living sounds so formal,  family room makes me think there should also be a living room. Its our only sitting room. room) sitting room. Swapped the rugs, moved the other sofa, removed the tree, swept up the pine needles. Thankfully we have a new sofa to fill the void of removing Christmas tree. And the other sofa, we have decided to keep it.  When I say we, I mean "I" was torn between not keeping extra items,  yet feeling a little hoardish if I do keep it, but practical 'cause we only have ONE sofa and I may eventually need this one yet someone else may need it more but I could wait it out a bit first... but my even more sentimental yet clearly decisive son said "keep it", making me sway that way. I just need to find a place to store it.

Snow arrived early this morning. Must have been raining pretty hard before it turned to snow as there is a huge puddle of water in my basement, indicating such a turn of element events.  The stump crusher turned my-new-handyman emailed to reschedule the electrical and wall work for next week due to impending lake effect storms today and him being a snow plower finally had snow to plow.  I had pushed the fridge into middle of kitchen and moved a lot of the kitchen stuff onto the dining room table so he could access the wall (and so I can protect the food). I suppose I can take really good measurements and hit home depot kitchen designer again so my clearing out kitchen efforts are not wasted.

For now, I spend the morning with my little daughter while we wait for the delivery.

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  1. We've always had a "living room" but it was never a formal place. Just a place for living.


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