Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Stump Crusher

Taking advantage of these unseasonable winter temperatures and doing some landscape work. Crushing clumps of bad maple trees and dead shrub roots.  

Opening up the space. Literally. The clump had embedded itself in the chain link fence. Stump crusher operator guy chain sawed the base of the clump and removed the tree, limbs and portion of the fence. Then he crushed the roots and undergrowth with his crusher. He took it all home with him, to burn the stump in his fire pit and then remove fence.

before, 10/11

I am thinking of a gated arbor with morning glories growing up and around. Whether I buy one or come up with some kind of an idea - maybe willow whips - will see how the area develops - I need to secure a bit of the opening NOW so little pug doesn't go for an accidental long walk by himself.

And another area to play with - there was a small mildewy shrub in this area. I had cut out the gross stuff but was not equipped to chop down the roots and stump. Stump crusher did that easy enough.

before Aug '11
after Jan '12

AND Stump Crusher has also renovated kitchens. Convenient. There is no snow for him to plow, which is his normal winter work. AND he is happy to do small jobs AND he is coming on Friday to do fix the wall,  electrical and skim coat the cook area in my kitchen!

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