Friday, January 6, 2012

So far, so good

Replacing glass in interior vestibule french door... Huge PAIN. 
Seeing cat try to launch through the now not glassless opening. Worth it!
I hope she learns quickly.

 Home improvements are abound this first week in 2012.

French door glass was put in yesterday. The cats, and even us humans, have been lazy and just stepping through the door opening rather then opening the door, for the past 5 months. Cat did try to jump through it last night and bonked its head. He should be ok. The glass is so clean and the door so perfect now. Its a non-shattering glass, safe for the kids.  Can you tell the before vs after? Still have to finish sanding door and polish it (yeah, maybe I should have got to that before the glass went in. Oh well.

I started painting the wall in Chazes room last weekend. Should be finished this weekend. Will post a list of ways NOT to paint, or the lazy persons painting job.

Had an appointment with a kitchen designer today. That went ok. Those kitchen programs are a pain. Mostly she was able to use the kitchen planner with ease. After two hours, Lucy woke up and I had to leave. She had entered my ideas, but I think she wanted to try other things...which is what I want to see. Other options.

And, while I was searching craigslist for different things, I remembered I have this stump and bad maple trees to deal with. One quick search for stump removal a phone call and the guy is swinging swung by today to assess the situation. Alls good, he will come next week with his stump crusher. The winter, as I know it, hasn't really happened (no snow) so why not remove the stumps, which are actually called clumps...
Stump crusher operator has to remove the fence to get at the trees. This will put an interesting spin on my back yard plans. I want the fence gone although this is sooner then I had planned as I sort out what to replace fence with. Of courses, he is only  removing one section, I just told him not to bother replacing it

And the sofa is schedule to arrive next friday.

Yeah for a productive week!

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  1. Haha! I wish you had a video of the cat launching itself into the window! Poor kitty...


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