Friday, December 30, 2011

Vestibule semi reveal

Me thinks this is as much vestibule that is going to get completed before the New Year.  The temps have dropped postponing painting - make that re-painting - for another season.  The trim still needs to be painted; with my newly found skills and likes, maybe I will do that... the glass still needs to be inserted into the interior french door. And some front door leveling work is required. BUT the tile is down, the thresholds are in. The wall paper scraped and A paint color put on.

The floor. Initially there were several thin black mats nailed to the oak floor. The oak was damaged and apparently beyond sanding and sprucing up (ha ha, two kinds of trees used in reference to the floor job, that amuses me. yep.). As well, I didn't want a wood surface in the vestibule.I found some mosaic slate tile at the bargain outlet. For a day or two I wavered, wondering about getting tiny marble octagon tiles, but they would be too soft for the front entry.  Thank goodness for initial inspiration as that helped finalize the decision to stick w/ mosaic stone tile. (Eventually I will HAVE do a bathroom in marble octagon.)

The "wrong" and current paint color on the walls is Oatlands taupe, Benjamin Moore. This was left over paint from the bathroom renovation. Some how the contract-Her grabbed the wrong paint can. The walls should be Vintage Gray, same as the stripes in the living room.

Peering through the glassless interior french door. At least I HAVE the glass. I just need to get it installed now. The scattered shoes and a blanket to stop some of the draft (door needs leveling) give the appearance of well used updated vestibule. Non? :)

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