Friday, November 25, 2011

Painting on a whim, p. II

I have learned and decided that painting trim-baseboard is nothing to fear, loath or dread; in fact it is rewarding and even kind of fun. Yesterday I was accidentally and forced to paint the fireplace mantel, a necessity yes, but way down on my list of things to do.

Neglected mantel had become a catchall for treasures and photos and covered in dust. It was originally painted with commercial flat paint (the entire house is) which collects dust (ok, I suppose anything collects dust if it is neglected) and dirt simply does.not.wash off.

Chantilly Lace in semi-gloss - which is white white, no tint of blue or gray or cream. Pure white and quite bright.  After I painted the mantel I continued with the door trims, a few window frames, a couple of steps and some baseboard, and back to the mantel, until I ran out of the paint. I overcame my dread of painting trim. For some reason I thought this would be a horrible job. Now, how 'bout that ceiling?

Two coats of semi-gloss later, I have a fresh place to store the candles.  And since I had the ladder out, I put one coat of DOVE white on the chimney portion of the wall. I was eager to see the contrast in whites. Dove white is a bit creamy; sales person said it has a hint of gray in it, to go with the striped wall. I think because chantilly lace is so white, anything looks a bit off beside it. I originally bought chantilly lace for my bathroom, but the paint was so bright, it paled the new subway tiles.

I was never one to prepare for Christmas & festivities too early, especially not a month ahead, but somehow my creative need led to making candles which led to Christmas gifts and then a festive Christmas display and, well ... several things accomplished! It's Black Friday today (when stores accounting books show profit) ... and being an expat living in the US I think we will go check out this craze.

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