Thursday, November 24, 2011

Painting on a whim

I started out this morning with our newly made candles, some string, scissors and burlap (cut from the curtain I made. ha)

I decided the wrapped candles would make a nice mantel display and serve as a storage area until we are closer to the Christmas holidays and gift giving.

Besides clearing and dusting the neglected mantel I did little else in paint preparation; No drop cloth, no scrubbing area clean, COLD & thick paint as it was stored in the basement. The thing about my house, I believe, that anything that is done is an improvement, even w/ my iffy painting skills.

I opened my semi-gloss chantilly lace (Benj. Moore) paint. Ok, not a complete whim, as I was somewhat prepared, already having purchased the trim paint last week. BUT I really wanted to finish the bathroom caulking task before getting into painting. All of a sudden painting has creeped up my to do list as fun things to do. The mantel painted,

and now the baseboard trim painting spree has taken off! Things got much smoother as my paint reached room temperature!

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  1. Ha! I love your attitude that "anything is an improvement"! Keeps you from getting bogged down in perfectionism. (Not that perfectionism is one of my faults. It really, really isn't. But I know people who don't do things unless they can do them perfectly.)


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