Monday, April 25, 2011

Burlap curtain project

Firstly, lay out and admire material.

Test material on window. I didn't like it here and decided to use it for my porch window. Burlap has a strong smell.

I had 5 yards (of 10 ounce burlap) and cut it in half to sew together.  I wanted a loose joining so light would filter through the seam and highlight the hemp rope.

Prepare to dye the fabric. I chose the laundry machine method. Have never dyed this way; it was easy and recommended for bulk material.
Get magnifying glass to read instructions

Wet fabric before adding it to the dye solution


Dye job foiled. I had skipped over the "test material for dying potential". Intentionally. I also threw in ALL 5 yards, rather then the recommended 1-2 yards / package. I wasn't that invested in successful dye results. I wanted to see the finale.

Back to sewing the two pieces together.... When you hit the fabric store for a grommet tool, I suggest you pick up a large needle (unless you have a fully stocked sewing room). Sewing the two pieces together without a needle is doable; the fabric separates easily enough to guide shove the rope through. But now a days, in this fast paced tech age of flipping through channels and websites ... well, gone are the days of Zen and the Art of Tedium. I used to be able to do this.

It took  several days to get to a store equipped with sewing tools but once I had the large needle in hand, the piecing together was done in a half hour.

And adding grommets.  I used the scientific technique "halving material" for the grommet placement. First put one grommet on each end, then fold material in half and add grommet in middle. Then fold two grommets together, add another in middle, etc.
Grommet = fun
I used the hemp rope to hang the curtains over existing hooks in the wall.
Mid job check.

And the completed curtain (almost, I need to add a few more hooks for consistent hanging and a couple grommets in each bottom corner, for a cross hanging)

The two pieces did need to be sewn together, to cover the vast window, but I also wanted some interest added to the large piece.  Right now, the "interest" is not that interesting. I may loosen the seam so light comes through. And possibly cut the piece and sew in 2 more seams.

And, although the dye job foiled, the washing machine stage was useful in fraying the edges!

IDEA Inspiration here.

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  1. ohh that is a super good idea, I like the curtains a lot!


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