Thursday, December 15, 2011


Ooh la la! My sofa is almost here!

If you are curious about my sofa musings or just want to see some cool sofas click here: My Favourite Sofa series.

Tracking the order since the beginning of Dec., I was informed it would be made and ready to leave warehouse and go to shipping around Dec 8th. Now I just need the call to confirm arrival date.

And the vestibule! Almost done... She painted the walls the wrong color ... Ooops! Big ooops.  Funny thing is I wanted the painting taken off the estimate as it was too high, but she was soooo insistent, kind of like an all or nothing project. She lowered the price a bit and I caved and said fine, do it ALL. Humpfh. Now she needs to repaint the walls, finish the trim and install the glass to the french door next week when the glass arrives.

Still in time for Christmas. A present for me.

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