Friday, December 16, 2011

A Christmas gift list

Actually, its not just "A" Christmas wish list, its MY Christmas wish list.

1) Upside down No-Fuss Hanging Air Plant Pods cool as a cucumber specifically designed for a Tillandsia plant. I ordered one for my sister and brother in-law. And one for myself. (p.s. this link takes you to where one can purchase this item for 30% less BUT its one of those sites that you have to join...and I may or may not get a commission if you click on that link and join/purchase although I. no. intention. for this ... I just love the plant holder. You can check the artist out on  Etsy as well, and click his link to fab and support him.

2) Snow shoes. This particular item has been on my wish list for the past 5 years. I wonder if I will treat myself.

3) A Mystery Box. I ordered this for myself. And then an HUGE box w/ no return address arrived. Huge, like three feet tall. I was tickled and decided to put it under the Tree (that I still don't have) for Christmas day. And then, a week later, a smaller box arrived. Stamped with Wuslu. I peaked in the big box to see who this belonged to ... my mom. She ordered stuff for the kids and had it sent to my house. And the Wuslu Mystery Box, I decided not to save it. It was a nice surprise, a feedbag pillow with a (lame) quote on it and a couple wooden boxes with more quotes. Hello pinterest all over.  Two the of the quotes bored me and now these things will be gifts for someone else. (Again, Wuslu is some kind of membership type of store, good for flea markety shabby chic stuff - click the history button if you want to find the mystery box item)

4) Patagonia sweater jacket. YUM. I tried this jacket on last summer. Yes 16 months ago. It felt beautiful. I was in between sizes so I didn't want to dump a pile of money on something I may shrink out of. I haven't shrunk so I am wishing to get this with the cash my parents usually gift me.

5) Ikea Sheep Skin rug, for my new sofa. (idea implanted into brothers head)

6) leather vintage belt from ETSY, plates from Anthropologie, to finish the set I started, the "Undecorate" book to go with my "Decorate" book; tea towels (I couldn't wait, Lucy keeps stealing mine and swaddling her plush friends), linen table cloth (not on my Christmas wishlist, I just want another one ... if I ever get to the fabric store. An easy peasy thing to make, order 3 yards, wash to fray edges and lay on table...I want a gray one. Or a white one. Or both.)

For more ideas, you can click on the ETSY widget to the right.

Looking back, last December, we were breaking snow fall records. I believe MOST of last winters snow fell in December. We went skating and cross country skiing. We felled our Christmas tree. It was festive. This year, so far nothing. Warm and balmy like the first days of spring. I gotta get my Christmas on. Snap.

last years picture

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