Monday, December 6, 2010

Merry wreath to you

Winter has arrived.

We spent an hour and a half sledding in the gusty winds yesterday.  A few other kids arrived, running across the field with their garbage can lids! Chaz and his friend each had a snowboard and sled. They all shared and played. Winter fun it was. The boys, white spots on the red cheeks, could have continued all evening long. Even the dog was having fun running through the snow. I dragged them away and once they kicked off their wet clothes, they quickly settled in to the wimpy kid movie, hot chocolate and popcorn.

The snow continues today. A no school / snow day for the boy. Started off our day early this morning. He dug through the snow in the back yard, making a maze for the dog and cats to trek through. I shoveled the driveway and walkway and steps.  We organized a play date. Perfect day for an 8 year old.  And a mom.

And while I now find myself at work, while baby sleeps and sleeps and sleeps....

I have wanted to walk through the neighbourhood with my camera and take pictures of front doors.  I was researching replacement doors at the regular big box hardware stores. I found many possibilities, except for a substitute.  I finally decided on an exterior purple steel door. I was discussing this with my contract-her, sitting inside my house looking through the foyer door at the inside of the exterior door. That plan folded, faster then superman on laundry day. I was staring at a lovely wood door on the inside and if I replaced the door, I would see steel or purple or whatever...that will not do.

For now, the original remains. The draft has been cut down by 50% with my new window, so I can postpone fixing the door draft.

Since the door project began a month ago, I took a keen interest checking out the neighbourhood front doors.  I thought it would be fun to take pictures of front doors that piqued my interest. And now that decorations are making an appearance it may be more fun.  I have only one picture. My front door. I would love a pocket size camera for this kind of thing. My big camera is a bit cumbersome with a bulky jacket  (and carrying a baby).

Merry wreath to you. Maybe I will get motivated to do the neighbourhood photo op walk later on this week.

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