Friday, December 3, 2010


While my contractor replaces a couple windows over the next few days....  Yay! Sort of. Would love to stay authentic, but the front window is broken. The single pane glass is broken, such as a bowling ball size cracked circle with missing glass shards. And the window sill is broken. And the paint is old old old and chipping away. And the upper window grates are in dire need of an overhaul. And the draft from the window is more like a mild wind storm. And the two attic windows are dangling kitty corner, in the non-existent frame. Yep, the poster windows for replacement.

I chose vinyl, for the time being. I need to see for myself if replacement windows are worth it. My house is not worth the cost of an expensive window, the Renewal Anderson (hard-sale) window. And I do not understand why I cannot just buy a new wood window (actually, maybe I can but ... I forget why ... oh yeah, maintenance).  For now, its vinyl.

And (back to my starting point), while I choose another white for my grey and white striped wall project,  I have serenditously come to the realization that wallpaper is the way to go.

My tiny foyer is already wallpapered. The design is pretty and the colours are neutral. It's the kind of wallpaper that looks like it was painted, with texture. But since it was peeling off the wall I had initially thought of removing the wallpaper and painting the tiny room some modern taupe ... BORING I tell myself now. One compliment on the wallpaper, from a visitor, changed my perspective. Instead, I redid the coat hooks. Pretty teal and purple hooks.  That was the first bit of wallpaper forces working my way.

And then there are the two wallpapers I have on my Anthropologie wish list. Stored there for possibly two years. Merely ideas. Guilty pleasures. Saved there to admire on a particularly challenging day. The blue Flora & Fauna, perfect for my half bathroom. And the light green Vanuatu Twilight. Well, I spent too much time admiring the paper. Imaging this one or that one in the bathroom. And then solution arose. One that would allow me to use both! A better place for it, the nook! Alas, all was in vain. The Vanuatu Twilight has retired from retail shelves. That's OK. I rebound quickly and have a new idea for my dining room. Smashing!

And then a few weeks ago I stumbled across another wallpaper that I CANNOT JUST SHAKE from my thoughts. It is so darn pretty and dainty, and bold and fun. It is every nursery rhyme[s] and storybook frolicking across the wall. Oh so smitten... and darling on the painted red wall of my daughters room. Perfect. Oh, I just love it!


And if I wallpaper the wall in Lucy's room, I surely most go forth with the idea I had for my son's wall. The massively large wall map. And in his room is the perfect wall for it. Nothing is on the wall, no windows, doors, closets or chimney structures. Nothing is against the wall. And it is large, large enough to host and boast the world. One slight, tiny, miniscule challenge arises though. The wall must first be built. Yes, the original owner took the wall down to create the master of all master rooms. This is, of course, why the wall map idea was put on the back burner.

And the final turning point. The "inspiration" photo that will be responsible for all the guilty pleasures, ideas and pretty eye candies to become more then what they were. To become realities on my walls....

Last night I received in the mail the paint package from Farrow & Ball. Ordered on a whim as there is no need for me to spend that much money on a gallon of paint (+ shipping and handling). But I was very curious about this product that I was not able to see in person. So I ordered their brochure and paint chips. Paint and wallpapers that is. And one design that will be responsible for all the future wallpapering I have in store for me

I do like the wallpaper. Love it. So old and new. I am not sure if it is the wallpaper or if it is the black painted baseboard that draws me to this inspirational photo.  That would tie in so nicely with my grey and white striped wall that is in the next room over.

postscript: compiling wallpaper is sooo much prettier and inspirational then sideboards!
postscript2: after taking a photo of my foyer wallpaper, I have determined it is in horrible condition - water stains to say the least. Not postable, even for my subpar blog!

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