Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dining room idea for the nook

While browsing Bloesen, I came across this photo.

photo source: Bloesen via Uitgeverij Snor ... SnorPublishers 

Admire the contemporary chandelier for a moment and then look through it. Not down, but if you do look down, take note of the lovely wooden table and then glance up to the sideboard and two open shelves.

I love the simple, yet oh so functional sideboard (and the light and the tea cups and table and the photography and the peaceful aura wafting through the dining room). I have a lot of pretty turkish bowls and some vases and maybe some teacups from my mom, that all need a sitting place. This would be ideal.

I too have a nook in my dining room to work with! How timely that I stumbled onto that picture. Timely not at all because I have oodles of other projects I am working.  My nook is currently host to two short book cases holding our art supplies.  There is a triptych (if I may) of windows in the nook, about 4.5 feet up, but I believe I can fit in the cupboards and a long shelf or two. A photo of my dining room last year, moving in week.

Trigger this; some wallpaper I have had bookmarked for a long time. Nooks perfect place to glue it!

Clearly not the same natural light or style but how close will I be able to transform my dining room to something similar! Or do I just get to admire the other photo.

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