Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sideboards - Dining room space

Did a little searching and found some sideboard possibilities.

I like the colour and style of the Cleveland Sideboard Buffet, by ModLoft. The price, not so much. This one is most similar to the one in the post below. Or not similar at all, but I like it. I am looking for long and narrow. Lighter wood.

The Ishu Glass Credenza Buffet, Dark Brown, by Aishni Home is very nice and roomy. All my serviettes will fit nicely in the cupboard and keep my cats from napping on them. Love dual functional items! But its a bit dark.




This sideboard from HomeStyles is simple and light and functional. Long and lean.

And lastly, the Wayborn buffet also looks great. Love the rustic appearance, but again, it may be to dark for me.

I have two others bookmarked but cannot get a photo. All buffets / sideboards were found at HomeFurnitureShowroom, and there are plenty more!

And since it did not become apparent while viewing buffets and sideboards, the difference between the two ... "These two terms are used interchangeably quite often, and for good reason" 

postscript: note to self working nook space 87x53x12

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