Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vestibule upgrade begins

started in a heat wave (7/23);
necessity is the mother of invention.
our house was a sauna.
outside was not cooler but there was a breeze.

the broken plexi-glass on the interior foyer door bug me.
a lot. 
but never enough to do something about it. 
i left it as is in order to block some of the winter elements from entering.

but now it is summer
and, until yesterday, i could ignore it.

pulled out the plexi glass, 
shut the interior door and opened the exterior door.
enters the wind, warm breeze
cutting through the humidity and french door open panel,
cooling the insides, slightly.

the, er, charming ancient pompom window cover also came down.

a little antsy to do more but too hot to dig out rocks for a patio, i got my trusty wallpaper scraping tool and started scraping the quaint, but old, damaged and brittle wallpaper off.
expecting to uncover rain damaged walls. 
son thought this looked fun too and took over.

calculating the lower cost if I do the tear down and my contract-her do the patching up.
realizing i am good at ideas and starting things but not so handy at construction and fixing.
the walls will need repairs.
the old, water stained and covered-with-nasty-rugs hardwood will be cut out
and little mosaic slate or marble will be installed.

I'm a reactionary sort, you see
I just started scraping,
before I cleaned out the area.
when I realized I was serious I put the hats and hoodies elsewhere,
the mail catcher basket remains.

These designs and colours are my current favourites; A mixture of slate and marble tiles
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

and then back to me,
some painting,
vintage gray (i have lots of this leftover from my stripes) on the lower portion, 
chantilly lace on the upper portion.
of this very tiny foyer
39" x 74"


  1. woww that looks like a lot of work!! can't wait to see it finished :)

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