Monday, January 2, 2012

Display beach collections

Do you like strolling the beach and collecting rocks and seashells and memories? Find yourself back at home with a pile of rocks collecting dust?. Here is an easy solution.

Sort through your collection of rocks...ours are from Hampton Beach, N.H. 8/2011 (my favourite rock is the white speckled rock at bottom of photo)

Materials: Glass container, tealights (100 pack @ Ikea for 3.99))

Seashells will also work, (although I have to burn through some candles we made in Dec, to free up some containers).

seashells, Nova Scotia, 2009
look at the purple lines, love.  Outerbanks N.C. 2008

Line the bottom of container with rocks. Strategically place a flat larger rock in the middle.

Place the tealight candle on the strategically placed flat rock.

And voila, a candle and your collection of rocks on display.

Other ways display your collections: Seashell chime, Birdbath


  1. I love displaying the stones and shells that we collect! I just put them in clear glass containers. But I do really like to idea of turning them into something useful.

  2. I love candle/stone decorations - so pretty, and so easy! :) xxx


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