Sunday, July 10, 2011

What to do on a rocky beach?

Well, build Pickle People of course. Look at the white pebble nose my son found; a nose from David's sculpture. So perfect. We bagged these to bring home with us. A little crazy glue to keep the face features in place.

We discovered that Lucy is a destructor. Chaz and I are builders. Whatever we built - rock house, marble pathway, pile of pretty rocks, pickle people, rock letters - Lucy came along a raked it down with her tiny hands.

We collected some beautiful rocks each day. While we were selective of our rocks, Lucy handed us piles of pebbles.

When the rocks dried on the window sill they didn't look so beautiful anymore.

The whitest pebble was no longer effervescence in appearance. The blackest rock was now a dull gray. The brilliant greens were ... not so brilliant afterall. We decided to bring them home anyhow and put them in a jar of water, or bird bath to see if their lustre would return. (actually, in these pictures, they still look good. hmmm)

Another game we discovered while sitting protected under the grass umbrella - Umbrella Pole Golf. Simple enough. Two rules.
#1. One must hit the pole with his / her rock, before advancing to the next pole.
#2. Choose your poles carefully ... This is more of a courtesy then rule ... its best not to use a pole for a golf game which is being occupied by a sunning family.

Game: From your seated position, look for the closest pole. Toss a rock at it. Keep tossing rocks until you hit the pole. Look for next closest pole and start tossing rock at that pole. Continue to advance to next pole based on distance.

If all lounge chairs and poles are occupied by other people, then find at least ONE pole that isn't in the path of humans. Choose a number, perhaps 5, toss rocks at it until you hit it 5 times. Then choose another number, perhaps 20 and toss rocks at YOUR pole 20 times in a row.This pole is, of course, very close to you so you may make a few new rules such as your hand cannot pass a certain line....Once you tire of this game, lay back and take in your surroundings.

And lastly, a favourite past time, skipping rocks.

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